Together with our German supplier HNPM we are supporting the virtual conference CAMURE11-ISMR10 as sponsors. From March 21 to 24, the conference will be all about chemical and biochemical engineering processes and multiphase and multifunctional reactors.

The Organizers are working to provide attendees with a virtual conference that encompasses all aspects of an in-person symposium as far as possible; including live Q&A after each presentation, opportunities to interact with attendees, and networking opportunities, live or via chat.

Our joint presentation, entitled “Pumps – Enabling Continuous Flow Chemistry”, is available in the virtual “Library” as mp4-file throughout the event. It is a tandem presentation, given in English by Mario Aspesi, Techma gpm and Dr. Carsten Damerau, HNPM.

Learn more about the virtual conference and the lecture program