The Gorman Rupp Compact bellows dosing pumps have been designed and manufactured for all applications where low pressures are required. They are available in single bellows or in tandem configuration up to a maximum of 4 bellows in line on the same crankshaft, with independent adjustment of each bellows through a mechanical system that can only be operated with the pump stopped.

Technical specifications and features:
– Dosing precision and repeatability: ± 0.75%
– Maximum flow rate: 1,350 ml / min (per bellows)
– Adjustment range: 20 ÷ 100% (bellows 1/2 “and 3/4” 10 ÷ 100% for all bellows of different diameters)
– Maximum pressure: 0.35 kg / cm2
– Maximum liquid temperature: 60 ° C
– Power supply voltage: 230V-50/60 Hz (other AC and DC voltages available on request)