Marine Air Conditioner Pumps

Techma GPM offers a wide range of pumps used to circulate marine air conditioning systems.

The role of these pumps is to circulate seawater through the AC unit’s circuit. At first glance, this may seem a straightforward application, yet it demands the highest quality from the pumping device, which must withstand often continuous workloads and potentially corrosive salt water, while ensuring utmost reliability. Indeed, any malfunction of the pump would inevitably compromise the onboard air conditioning system.

For this reason, Techma GPM provides solutions that are highly regarded both by air conditioning system manufacturers and by the entire network of European service providers.

marine ac sea water pump

Features of Marine Air Conditioner Pumps

  • Application: Boat air conditioning
  • Description: Circulation of seawater in the AC circuit
  • How it works: The pump is used to circulate seawater through a cooling circuit. Depending on the type, the pump can be positioned above or below the waterline of the boat.
  • Key features: Reliability and longevity. Both the internal and external materials are compatible with seawater and marine environments.
  • Pump function: Seawater circulation
  • Flow rates: from 5 to 80 litres/minute
  • Differential pressure: a few meters
  • Fluids: seawater

Choosing the Most Suitable Pump for Cooling Systems

Techma GPM offers a wide range of pumps for such applications, but for simplicity, we can divide them into two groups:

Marine Seawater Pumps for Boat Air Conditioners Positioned Below the Waterline – SANSO PMD Series:

  • Magnetic Drive
  • Compact size
  • High reliability
  • Long expected lifespan
  • Easy installation
  • Flow rate range: 1 – 80 l/min

A major advantage of this type of pumps is undoubtedly the magnetic drive technology, which prevents any water leakage from the pump as the pumping chamber is completely isolated from the exterior, and motion is transmitted through a magnetic coupling between the motor and the impeller.

Marine Seawater Pumps for Boat Air Conditioners Positioned Above the WaterlineAquatec 550 Series

  • Self-priming
  • Automatic pressure override switch
  • Easy installation
  • High reliability
  • Flow rate up to 17 l/min
  • Dry running capability

The advantage of these pumps is their self-priming feature, which allows them to be positioned above the waterline. Additionally, their internal structure enables them to withstand brief periods of dry running.