Gear pump technology – Suction Shoe – Low pulsation

What is so great about the suction shoe?

When you need reliable, pulseless flow in high pressure settings, the Micropump suction shoe gear pump is the answer.

Why should I choose it instead of the typical cavity style I know?

The suction shoe allows for consistent performance across a wide operating temperature range compared to traditional cavity-style gear pumps. With no adjustment needed, the suction shoe gear pump has the same hydraulic performance from the lowest temperature to the highest temperature allowed by the materials. Similarly, the suction shoe has optimal longevity at higher differential pressures. A cavity style design could be modified but the lifespan would not last as long in comparison.
Unlike any other gear pump on the market, the Micropump suction shoe gear pump self-adjusts with high reliability, easier maintenance, and less downtime than standard pumps.

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