Piezoelectric pumps by Nitto Kohki are suitable for transferring even aggressive fluids in both liquid and gaseous states.
Their operation is based on the characteristic that bimorphic materials have to modify their dimensions, once crossed by a sinusoidal current wave.
The pump consists of two thin plates of bimorphous material facing each other and in contact with a metal plate connected to the eletricity network.
During the positive phase of the tension, the two plates tend to move away from each other, increasing the volume of the pumping chamber and then operating the phase of aspiration of the fluid, through a valve system.
During the negative phase of the voltage, the two plates tend to return to the primitive dimensions, decreasing the volume of the pumping chamber and therefore operating the delivery phase, through the same system of valves that gave rise to the suction.
At the end of the negative phase of the voltage, the positive wave returns to excite the plates of bimorphous material, causing a subsequent suction phase and so on for 50 or 60 times per second according to the frequency of the network (at 50 or 60Hz) .
Available in a wide variety of models that differ in materials in contact with the pumped fluid, these pumps have significant advantages compared to traditional pumps, which we can summarize here:

  • Minimum pulsation of the pumped fluid, thanks to the speed of the work cycle
  • Minimum noise and vibration
  • Minimal power consumption, thanks to high performance
  • Maximum speed start and stop, thanks to small moving masses
  • Minimum weight and compact size
  • Long expected life