Oil-free piston and diaphragm compressors and vacuum pumps

Techma GPM is the Italian distributor of vacuum pumps and oil-free piston compressors produced by G&M Tech: a company increasingly present on the global scene, a supplier of products with an exceptional quality/price ratio. In any application in which air management is necessary, to be put under pressure or to create a vacuum, G&M tech has the right solution for every eventuality thanks to a pervasive range of products capable of managing flow rates from a few liters/minute up to approximately 150 l/min. The fundamental fact is that these are entirely oil-free compressors and vacuum pumps and, therefore, highly suitable to use in applications where traces of oil that would pollute the pumped air are unacceptable.

After several years of use, customers who use G&M Tech products are very satisfied with the durability and performance, which always meets the requirements. Furthermore, the enormous customization capacity that G&M tech is able to provide is undoubtedly an element of extreme importance in being able to implement these products within machinery. The range is made up of different motors: from the brush DC motor to the brushless DC motor with built-in and external electronics (depending on the performances required) and to the classic single-phase AC motors.

All the elements mentioned above mean that these products are highly suitable for applications in which reliability and performance must be constantly guaranteed. The possibility of customization should not be underestimated to meet the required performance and construction specifications fully. Furthermore, the expansion of the range with dry diaphragm vacuum pumps also allows use in applications where the piston technology is not suitable.

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