Analytical Equipment Overview

The analytical equipment industry demands
precise and reliable equipment in order to
deliver the results clinical and medical staff rely
on to analyze samples. Much of the analytical
equipment utilizes aqueous solutions to perform
important tasks from reagent delivery and sample
preparation and delivery to dispensing, wash and
waste fluid handling, and even analytical equipment
support systems.
Industry-leading analytical equipment features pumps
with precise control of fluidic parameters including flow,
pressure, steady flow velocity, and chemical compatibility.
Equipment OEMs must ensure that the systems exceed
uptime expectations, and pumps provide sterile and clean
performance for unadulterated samples.


Micropump answers the industry need for positive displacement
pumps in a compact design without compromising pressure,
performance, or steady flow velocity. Additionally, our design
features operational longevity, quieter operation, and lower
power consumption. For applications that need complete
component customization, Micropump has the flexibility to
precisely configure our pumps to meet an OEM’s specific needs.
Micropump’s magnetic gear drive pumps are superior to shafted
gear pumps, centrifugal or diaphragm pumps. Our cavity and
suction shoe gear style design with no dynamic seals eliminates
leaks from shaft seal failures and are also superior in design
resulting in higher efficiency, positive displacement performance,
and industry-leading smooth, continuous flow. Our design
ensures no debris, grease or other fluids impact the system.
Additionally, Micropump utilizes high quality materials and
robust features to provide a more economical solution to many
ceramic or exotic metal pump alternatives.

Leak-free Components

• Designed with our magnet drive, no shafts penetrate
the pump chamber wall, dramatically reducing potential
leak paths
• No dynamic shaft seals
• In the event of a failure, no fluids will leak

Accurate, Reliable Performance

• Excellent flow control, even with varying differential
pressure or speeds
• Pulseless flow for high accuracy
• Industry leader for lowest flow ripple for very low flow
velocity applications
• Competitive repeatability, reliability and longevity
• Small and compact size
• Limited energy consumption

Maintenance Ease

• Reliable and extended lifetime and consistent
performance through wear
• Able to handle extreme environments including vacuum
and fluctuating temperatures
• Low viscosity and lubrication needs
• Chemical inertness of components and material
customization options to meet your design requirements
• Near-zero slip for accurate metering (GA Series)
• Self-compensation for wear for extended life and less
maintenance (GA Series)

GA Specifications

• Displacement: 0.017 ml/rev (X21) | 0.042 ml/rev (V21) |
0.092 ml/rev (T23)
• Min Flow Rate: 8.5 mL/min (0.002 US gpm)
• Max Flow Rate: 506 mL/min (0.134 US gpm)
• Max Differential Pressure: 5.2 Bar (75 psi)
• Max System Pressure: 21 Bar (300 psi)
• Temp range: -46 to 177 °C (-50 to 350 °F)

GJ Specifications

• Displacement: 0.316 ml/rev (N21) | 0.64 ml/rev (N23) | 0.91
ml/rev(N25) | 1.23 ml/rev (N27)
• Min Flow Rate: 158 mL/min (0.041 US pm)
• Max Flow Rate: 6.8 L/min (1.8 US gpm)
• Max Differential Pressure: 5.5 Bar (80 psi)
• Max System Pressure: 21 Bar (300 psi)
• Temp range: -46 to 121 °C (-50 to 250 °F)>

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