The heart of a cooling system is the pump so you need to choose the right product for getting the best results. You need high performance and silent pump suitable to run 24h with the maximum of reliability. Techma gpm has a wide range of solutions to do that. The DC brushless motor centrifugal pump could be the best solution for laser cooling systems and inverter or server or computer cooling systems. Sando DC and Integrity are plastic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps with very small dimensions and high performances.

Sanso AC series is the best seller in cooling system on yacht and boat. If you need higher performances you can choose or Diaphrgm Electric or Mag Drive Gear pumps.

Industrial chillers need big flow and head so you have to choose CM MAG plastic centrifugal magnetic drive pumps. M Pumps has also turbine, gear or vane pumps for different viscosity.