Quality Policy Statement

La Quality and customer satisfaction are strategic factors for the success of Techma gpm srl.

Being chosen and appreciated by our customers commits us to continuously improve our relationship with the customer and our performance in terms of efficiency and product quality and service offered.

The Management aims to promote, develop and support the following activities:

  • setting, maintenance and continuous improvement of Techma’s Quality Management System
  • identification, definition, planning and periodic review of the IMPROVEMENT PLAN objectives
  • identification and analysis of customer needs and expectations
  • analysis, identification and acquisition of the human and material resources necessary for an effective and efficient management of the QMS and for the improvement of competitiveness and company know-how
  • establishment and implementation of awareness and training programs extended to all staff based on real business needs
  • identification and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, in particular those relating to quality and safety
  • promotion and dissemination of a culture and a collaborative mentality towards customers and suppliers
  • creation of the correct and effective internal and external communication channels for the company