Magnetic drive gear pumps

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Micropump is the industry leader in small, positive displacement, magnetically driven pumps. The Micropump pumps, deliver exceptional performances for any precision application: these compact pumps don’t have any dynamic seals for all the application can’t tolerate leaks.
The smallest pump of the G series (GA – GB & GC), are designed with the suction shoe style, for wear self-compensation, continuous duty and improved efficiency at high pressure.
All the other models are designed with the cavity style, for wide ranging of the inlet and outlet operating conditions and for an intermittent duty in reverse, for some models only.
The small pumps size is easily incorporated into the design of many systems, while the magnetic drive and static sealing, keep the fluid securely into the pump and out of any contamination.
The long pump life in aggresive environments, the smooth and pulseless liquid flow as well as the easy service, offer a product at the top.

Industries served
– Aerospace and aircraft
– Automotive
– Biotechnology
– Electronics
– Clinical and Analytical
– Food and beverage
– Medical
– Pharmaceutical
– Paint and inks

Main applications
– Textile printing
– Ceramic printing
– Diesel engine emission control
– Refrigerant recovery
– Pulp & paper bleaching
– Mechanical seals flush
– Fuel additive injection
– Pipeline sampling

Pump GA
Pump GB
Pump GC
Pump GJ
Pump GL
Pump GM
Pump GN
Pumps technical specifications