EagleDrive electromagnetic pumps

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The EagleDriveTM is an electromagnetic drive for Micropump pump series GA, GB, GJ, GJR, GAF and CA. This compact high performance drive, enables the pumps to address a wide range of applications. The EagleDriveTM is an innovative brushless DC motor with no moving parts for outstanding efficiency and reliability. With variable speed operation, a tachometer and error output and the forward/reverse capability, the EagleDriveTM is the right choice for many system designs.
Small package – The small package size, means an easily integration into most of the system designs.
No moving parts – Fewer parts to wear, means higher reliability and longer life with no service.
High torque – Higher torque offers improved flow rates with a continuous duty.
High pump speed – Pump speeds up to 8,000 RPM, resulting in higher flow rates.
Wide range of power supply voltages – Supported power supply voltages from 10 to 38V DC eases system integration.
Digital error outputs – Digital error outputs enable a system diagnostic functionality.
High temperature operation – A max ambient temperature limit of 120°C increases the allowed operation envelope.


Industries served
- Aerospace and aircraft – Automotive
– Biotechnology
– Electronics
– Clinical and Analytical – Food and beverage
– Medical
– Pharmaceutical
– Paint and inks


Main applications
- Textile printing
– Ceramic printing
– Diesel engine emission control – Refrigerant recovery
– Fuel additive injection
– Pipeline sampling

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