Oil free piston compressor and vacuum pumps

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The G&M Tech oil free compressors and vacuum pumps have been designed and manufactured for giving the best reliability at a competitive price. These units are suited for any application where the small dimensions, the low noise level and a continuous duty is a must.

Technical specifications and manufacturing details
- Max flow: 140 Nl/min
– Max pressure: 7 Bar (over, upon request)
– Max vacuum: 750 mmHg
– Single and double head (single or double stage)
– AISI 316 stainless steel valves and die cast aluminum
bodies (upon request all the parts in contact with the
pumped fluid are fully PTFE coated)
– 2 and 4 poles AC thermal protected motors with
starting capacitor
– Voltage: 230 V – 50/60 Hz 12-24 VCC brush type ( B ),
12-24 VCC e 230 VAC brushless type ( BL ) built in or
External motor driver
– Oil free
– Permanent lubricated ball bearings – Low noise level
– Compact design
– Long life maintenance free
Typical applications
- Dental and medical apparatuses
– Ozone and oxigen generators and enrichers – Packing machines
– Plasma laser cutting machines
– Semiconductors industry
– Pneumatic movements
– Waste water plants

BTGT001 Mini single head

BTGT001 single head

BTGT001 double head

BTGT001 diagramma1

BTGT001 diagramma2