Pompe centrifughe a trascinamento magnetico in plastica e metallo

Le pompe centrifughe a trascinamento magnetico della serie CM, sono pompe realizzate per stampaggio di materiali plastici e microfusione di acciaio inossidabile. Il generoso dimensionamento di tutti i componenti e

Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps AC motor (english)

The magnetic drive centrifugal pumps PMD series, made by the Japanese company SANSO, are plastic moulded pumps. Due to the updated design and manufacturing, these pumps are suited for all

Direct drive centrifugal pumps DC BL motor (english)

The magnetic drive centrifugal pumps PD and PDH series, powered by canned brusheless DC motors are plastic moulded pumps designed to be cool, quiet, compact and lightweight. Due to the